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Easy Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

My girls have a sensitivity to gluten; and, alas, it seems I do too. We’re slowly going down the gluten free route and I wanted to make some yummy cookies but spare my belly the tummy ache after devouring them. Here’s the recipe I used- I modified it from my favorite, tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe. Calise Soapworks Easy Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies You may want to cut this recipe in half as it makes about 6 dozen […]

Soapy Santa Paws

I just have to share these adorable holiday cards the girls got in the mail from a sweet customer. I am touched and the girls love it!    What a great idea! Thank you for brightening our day.   Happy day, Jill Calise Soapworks & Such

Calise Soapworks Giant Gingerbread Man Soap Winner!

And the winner of our Giant Gingerbread Man Glycerin Soap is:   Congratulations Barbara from Florida!   Thank you so much for your support. We had over 100 entries! Happy day,JillCalise Soapworks & Such

Creativity Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

As a parent, I’m learning to let my girls imagine and create.  Being in the creative zone is a special place. Athletes speak of being “in the zone” but I think it also holds true for imagination, learning & creativity.   In teaching, this is called a “normalized” classroom in Montessori lingo. There’s a happy buzz about, but when you look around, you see children doing a creating- moving to and fro with intent. As a teacher, when your class […]

From the Eyes of the Beholder

Since I am a one woman show, I have the privilege of being research and development, producer, retailer, wholesaler, marketer, accountant, web designer, shipper, photographer, clean up crew and the foreman that is always standing by watching with their hands on their hips with pants, well, you know where! … as well as being a mom (of two and four legged children) and a wife. Luckily, I love challenges and I thrive in multitasking, high energy environments (I think it […]